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Subject: Sound energy to charge mobile phones?

Date: Mon Jul 23 20:36:03 2007
Posted by Niket
Grade level: grad (science) School: Vellore Institute of technologu
City: Vellore State/Province: tamil nadu Country: India
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1185248163.Eg


This is in continuation to:

Can mobile phones be charged (to a small extent) by using sound to electrical 
transducers? There are two reasons I am asking this:
[1] The dispersion of sound will be lesser as the distance of mouth is close 
to the mobile.
[2] The more a person talks, the more it can get charged. So it gets charged 
as per usage.

[1] I am considering very basic mobile phones which dont have any multimedia 
features etc., which means lesser battery consumption.
[2] I am mentioning this as an complement to Solar mobile phones chargers.


Re: Sound energy to charge mobile phones?

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