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Re: What are typical resting concentrations of nucleotides in cells?

Date: Wed Jan 23 10:17:54 2008
Posted By: Karl A. Wilson, Faculty (Professor), Biological Sciences, S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton (Binghamton University)
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1201097057.Bc


I am not aware of such a tabulation. Most nucleotide concentrations seem to be in the micromolar levels. But I suspect the individual levels of nucleotides are so dependent upon the actual physiological state of the cell that such a table would be fairly meaningless in general. A couple of papers that might interest you are:

Mark A. Hooks, Cregory C. Shearer, and Justin K. M. Roberts (1994) Nucleotide Availability in Maize (Zea mays L.) Root Tips. Estimation of Free and Protein-Bound Nucleotides Using 31P-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and a Nove1 Protein-Ligand-Binding Assay. Plant Physiol. 104: 581-589.

Arnaud, A., Fontana, L., Angulo, A. J., Gil, A., and López-Pedrosa, J. M. (2003) Exogenous nucleosides alter the intracellular nucleotide pool in hepatic cell cultures. Implications in cell proliferation and function. Clin. Nutr, 22 (4), 391-399.

N. Kochanowski, F. Blanchard, R. Cacan, F. Chirat, E. Guedon, A. Marc and J.-L. Goergen (2006) Intracellular nucleotide and nucleotide sugar contents of cultured CHO cells determined by a fast, sensitive, and high-resolution ion-pair RP-HPLC. Anal. Biochem. 348 (2), 243-251.


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