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Re: How do I make a tool magnetizer?

Date: Tue Jan 29 12:50:19 2008
Posted By: Dr. Fred Jeffers, Staff, Magnetic Recording Research, Iomega corp.
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1201575499.Eg

     In order to do this you need a DC field.  You can make a coil on a 
toilet paper roll but a smaller tube will work better because the coil 
will have a lower resitatnce and hence a higher current.  Wrap a lot of 
turns of fairly large like #24 gauge wire on the tube.  Put the screw 
driver in the tube and briefly connect the wires to a D cell battery.  If 
it doesn't work the metal in the screw driver may be too magnetically 
hard or you don't have enough turns of wire or enough batteries or all 
three in some combination.
     There are a lot of other neat magnetic tricks and demonstrations 
that are much more interesting in the book Mondo Magnets.  The tricks in 
the book are also on a DVD available from 

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