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Subject: How are white people's and black people's connective tissues different'?

Date: Thu Feb 7 10:36:34 2008
Posted by John Renshaw
Grade level: nonaligned School: Sanctuary Art Centert
City: Seattle State/Province: WA Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1202405794.Me

I'm told that people of northern European descent, like myself, have weak 
connective tissues.  (I believe it - I've developed multiple cases of chronic 
tendonitis through drumming and exercise. Years of physical therapy, 
ultrasound, NSAIDs, SAIDs, icing - inefficacious!) How are, say, black 
people's tendons stronger than mine?  I imagine my tendons as tensile 
structural elements - "ropes".  Therefore I wonder if black people's "ropes" 
are of generally larger diameter in cross section, or are they 
somehow "braided" better than mine?  Do they tend to heal from injury more 
readily as well?  Why are my tendons so slow to heal?  Are any new, 
worthwhile, tendonitis treatments on the near horizon?  Has anybody ever 
actually been cured of their tendonitis, or should I start another 12-step 
program?  Hmm..perhaps mysticism and an honest, probing self-inventory of my 
flawed character will help...

Re: How are white people's and black people's connective tissues different'?

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