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Re: How does the blood buffer system NaHCO3/NaCO3 work in body?

Date: Sat Mar 8 12:21:55 2008
Posted By: William Gunn, Grad student, The Center for Gene Therapy, Tulane University
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1202530606.Bc

You're correct that the bicarbonate buffering system seems to be non-ideal for maintaining a pH of 7.4, but remember that the body produces lactic acid as a byproduct of respiration, so the excess capacity to buffer acids does serve a purpose. Because the body is constantly exhaling CO2, the system never reaches equilibrium, but rather holds bicarbonate and dissolved CO2 steady by the action of the kidneys and lungs.

You can try a Google search for blood+bicarbonate+buffer+pKa for more information.

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