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Re: what is the value of the osmotic potential of the cell sap of onion epidermal cells

Date: Wed Mar 19 07:16:30 2008
Posted By: Karl A. Wilson, Faculty (Professor), Biological Sciences, S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton (Binghamton University)
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1205559495.Cb

The osmotic potential of the cell sap in onion epidermal cells (or any 
plant cell, for that matter) can vary greatly depending upon how the cells 
have been treated - e.g. depending on exposure to drying, temperature, 
etc.  Between 630 to 470 mosm seems to be the range of values I've found 
in a quick seach of the lierature.  See:

PALTA, J. P., LEVITT, J., STADELMANN, E. J. & BURKE, M. J. (1977)  
Dehydration of Onion Cells: A Comparison of Freezing vs. Desiccation and 
Living vs. Dead Cells.
Physiologia Plantarum 41 (4), 273-279.

PALTA, J. P , LEVITT, J., & STADELMANN, E.J. (1977)  Freezing Injury in 
Onion Bulb Cells  I. Evaluation of the conductivity method and analysis of 
ion and sugar efflux from injured cells. Plant Physiol. (1977) 60, 393-397

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