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Subject: Can antibodies be transferred through kissing/saliva?

Date: Mon Mar 31 08:25:18 2008
Posted by Roz
Grade level: undergrad School: University of Leeds
City: Leeds State/Province: No state entered. Country: England
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 1206977118.Im

If someone has developed antibodies (such as IgA), could these be transferred 
from one human to another through kissing (with tongues)?  I am looking at a 
theory that kissing has an adaptive function, and that females are gaining 
something from the male saliva.  Males have been found to have a higher level 
of IgA in their saliva (the antibody for HPV, which leads to cervical 
cancer).  I was wondering whether it is faesable for an antibody to be 
transferred simply by kissing, and if so, how long it would take for that to 
be absorbed into someone's immune system?

Re: Can antibodies be transferred through kissing/saliva?

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