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Re: How strong a magnetic field do you need to move water?

Date: Tue Apr 22 09:15:25 2008
Posted By: Dr. Fred Jeffers, Staff, Magnetic Recording Research, Iomega corp.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1208809794.Ph

     I am very pleased that you apparently have read parts of my book, 
Mondo Magnets.  The magnetic force on water is a product of the field 
strength and how rapidly it is changing with distance.  In the 
demonstration here

they succeed in levitating a live frog and a ball of water in a VERY 
LARGE field of 160,000 Oe! A quart of water could also be levitated 
simply by using a superconducting magnet with a larger bore. 
     You may also enjoy my Mondo Magnets DVD which is for sale at

Fred Jeffers    

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