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Subject: Brain Tumor Statistics: How to Determine if a Cluster Exists

Date: Tue May 20 06:23:45 2008
Posted by Chuck
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Delta State University
City: Cleveland State/Province: MS Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1211289825.Me

Here is where the cluster of brain tumors is suspected.

Here is a page I found about brain tumors:

The second link says that there is about a 0.6% lifetime chance of a person
developing a brain tumor. If you use the town population of 6500 and multiply by
(0.006 / 72 years average lifetime), you get less than 1 person (about 0.54 of a
person) getting a brain tumor in this population's entire lifetime.

Does that calculation sound right? If so, they really DO have a major problem,
these 12 tumors have appeared in the last 7 months, the article says.

Chuck (chemist)

Re: Brain Tumor Statistics: How to Determine if a Cluster Exists

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