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Re: Does adding hydrogen to car engines help them save gas?

Date: Mon May 5 15:08:41 2008
Posted By: Prater Brian D., Staff, Magnetics, Cavetronics R&D labs
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1209426556.Eg

Hello , Tim 
  Yes water will make gas (hydrogen) and the gas can be burnt to yield steam   
  thus water as the pollution,

    Doing this kit on your dads car will work .

  But keep the gas down low because most motors do not have stainless steel
parts ( do to rusting), but yes it does work and there are many kits out. 

I would make my own kit based off the plans you find , that way it can be
built cheaper and with ajustable varables also,   maybe set it for a 3 to
10 percent savings of fuel.


      " It does help on the pollution "

  Brian Prater

Note added by Moderator....  While the addition of hydrogen may reduce pollution at the tailpipe, one 
needs to look at the overall picture.  To get the hydrogen (which doesn't occur naturally on Earth to any 
great degree), one must tear apart another molecule (be it water or methane or whatever) and that 
takes energy. Therefore, some pollution "debit" must be applied to the manufacture of the hydrogen 

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