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Subject: alternative cosmology: the arp-narlikar's variable mass theory

Date: Sun May 18 17:28:50 2008
Posted by dan
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Hi! I'm interested in alternative cosmologies and the variable mass hypothesis 
developed by arp and narlikar seems to explain better the discordant 
redshifts: but I can't understand how this theory calculates cosmic distances 
according redshift and time. Narlikar says that " We have here a flat 
spacetime cosmology in which light waves travel without spectral shift. How 
then do we explain redshift ? Consider a galaxy G at a given radial coordinate 
R, the observer being at R=0. A light ray leaving the galaxy at T0-R/C reaches 
the observer at time T0. Since the masses of all subatomic particles scale as 
T^2, the emitted wavelenghts go as m^-1 & t^-2.Hence we get the factor:



I don't understand....if a galaxy has a redshift z=6.5 for exemple, how 
distant from us is it according to this theory ? Thank you for your reply !

Re: alternative cosmology: the arp-narlikar's variable mass theory

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