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Subject: What is the difference between an 'invasive' and an 'evasive' species?

Date: Fri May 9 06:49:05 2008
Posted by Jeff
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Green Bay Public Schools
City: Green Bay State/Province: WI Country: US
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1210340945.Gb

I understand the difference between invade and evade, and have seen many 
references to invasive species (which I also understand).  Recently I have seen 
some references to "evasive" species and in the context of the articles, it 
seems like the author is describing an "invasive" species.  My first conclusion 
was that the author was using "evasive" incorrectly, but while searching I 
discovered several articles that talk about "evasive" species.  I can't seem to 
figure out the difference.

Re: What is the difference between an 'invasive' and an 'evasive' species?

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