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Subject: Can mould/fungi grow on plastic, glass and rubber?

Date: Tue May 20 01:34:13 2008
Posted by leow
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Area of science: General Biology
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Hello, I would like to know whether mould or fungi can grow on plastic, glass 
and rubber. From what I know, rubber is produced from latex which is a sap 
from the rubber tree. So logically speaking, fungi/mould shoulde be able to 
grow on it. However, the rubber is waterproof which means that it does not 
have any moisture on it. Thus, can fungi/ mould still be able to grow on it?
I have no idea as to whether fungi can grow on plastic and glass. I read from 
a book that fungi/mould can grow on glass but why? Glass is not made from any 
substance that was once alive, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. How about 
plastic? Plastic is mde from petroleum which comes from the fossil 
organisms,but my teacher said that since plastic is waterproof, fungi/ mould 
will not grow on it.... I'm so confused, kindly enlighten.
Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day!

Re: Can mould/fungi grow on plastic, glass and rubber?

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