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Subject: Can I determine makeup of my 'flushed' gallstones in my kitchen?

Date: Mon Jun 9 12:23:37 2008
Posted by Gingervieve
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Area of science: Biochemistry
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I did a gallstone flush according to med. advice.  Online I read stones are made
up of a variety of compounds, eg cholesterol.  I dissolved some stones in
rubbing alcohol- my guess is that cholesterol would dissolve in -HOL, but maybe
other things do too?  Some that disaggree w/ the practice of gallbladder/liver
flushing say that only saponified olive oil is released.  Would saponified olive
oil dissolved in -HOL? I'm saving the stones in the freezer, awaiting your
answer!  Many many thanks!

Re: Can I determine makeup of my 'flushed' gallstones in my kitchen?

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