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Subject: what is the job of a hippologist?

Date: Fri Jul 25 08:37:47 2008
Posted by Vanessa
Grade level: 10-12 School: Ballymena Academy
City: Ballymena State/Province: Co.Antrim Country: NI / UK
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 1217000267.Ag

what do hippologists do?
where do they work?
what do they study?
what kinds of hippology are there?
what qualifications do i need to become a hippologist?

the reason i would like to know this is because my two best friends are horse 
mad(trust me they don't talk about anything else) one of whom owns a horse.i 
sometime go to her house and ride her(the horse that is)and i love it.

It was my friends that got me interested about hipology and now i would like 
to do it as a career(as well as about 200 other things
(all scientific) 

ps i'm 13 and not quite sure which grade to use so i just use 10-12 because i 
can understand it(well better than 7-9 as it dosen't include enough detail)

Re: what is the job of a hippologist?

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