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Subject: How do CaCl2 and heat shock work together to make cells competent?

Date: Wed Jul 16 03:59:05 2008
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In bacterial transformation: I have the general information that Ca2+
neutralizes the DNA and membrane and therefore enables the DNA to enter the
cells. I also know that heat shock increases the permeability of the cell
membrane - I guess this is related to heat shock proteins and the heat shock
response (? - when I search for heat shock I find this most of the time, but
never in relation to transformation). But, how does this increase the
permeability, and how are HSP and HSR related? And is the process how the DNA
enters the cell known - if, how does it work? Somehow I can't find one source
which describes how those processes work together in detail (I only find very
general information or very scientific, detailed information about single
processes, and I don't have enough knowledge nor comprehension to put them
together...). I am writing an essay about bacterial transformation. It would be
quite important to know this process in a more detailed way, how they are
connected. (I would also be very happy about sources.) Thank you very much!

Re: How do CaCl2 and heat shock work together to make cells competent?

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