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Subject: Is a man's fat/muscle tissue protects effectively against a melee attack ?

Date: Tue Sep 16 11:03:43 2008
Posted by mike
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The main point :

1. I want to know if the more a man's have more fat in a curtain area, he is 
more protected against a melee attack like maybe a small knife attack? would 
the attacker have to use a longer knife to harm a fatter man ? 

2. The same question in the case of muscle tissue.

3. which of the two (muscle/fat) is more effective for this protective task 
(if at all).

4. Is fat or muscle tissue blurs the sensation transmitted to the brain by 
neurotransmitters ? if a fat/muscular guy gets hit by a punch, would he feel 
it more blurry than the average guy ?

I'm asking this question because I'm interested to know more about the 
differences between fat and muscular people. 

I enjoyed to read the answer about the survival of the fat man in the desert.

thank you,
Greetings from Israel.

Re: Is a man's fat/muscle tissue protects effectively against a melee attack ?

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