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Subject: The paper I am reviewing is titled : 'Identification of a Regulated Pathway

Date: Mon Sep 29 04:26:10 2008
Posted by Sachin
Grade level: grad (science) School: BITS Pilani
City: Zuarinagar State/Province: Goa Country: India
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1222687570.Cb

 I am reviewing a paper  titled : "Identification of a Regulated Pathway for 
Nuclear Pre-mRNA Turnover" as a part of my curriculum .This was published in 
Cell,Vol. 102, September 2000. Basically my question was "How different media 
such as Glucose or Galactose affect the activities of the cell such as 
transcription ,splicing etc. In particular, is this effect applicable to genes 
of ribosomal proteins too?I read that 90% of the splicing machinery in a cell 
is devoted to splicing of ribosomal protein genes in an actively growing yeast 
cell. So then in what medium would you consider yeast to be actively growing? 
Also what would happen to  yeast cells pregrown in Galactose medium for 3hours 
were transferred to Glucose medium for 20 hours with respect to 
transcription ,splicing etc.      

[See: Bousquet-Antonelli C, Presutti C, Tollervey D.
Identification of a regulated pathway for nuclear pre-mRNA turnover.
Cell. 2000 Sep 15;102(6):765-75. --S.M.]

Re: The paper I am reviewing is titled : 'Identification of a Regulated Pathway

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