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Re: is genetically modified rice crops resistant to pesticides

Date: Tue Dec 2 01:48:08 2008
Posted By: Jeremy Cherfas, Staff, Public Awareness, IPGRI (International Plant Genetic Resources Institute)
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 1220826517.Ag

There are two main types of genetically modified crops. One type is
resistant to pests. The other type is resistant to weedkillers. In the case
of rice, the main trials have been of rice that is resistant to pests. In
one trial of this rice, which was reported in the journal Science, the
farmers growing the GM rice used less pesticides than the farmers growing
unmodified rice.

The scientific
report is here, but you may find it hard to understand. There is a simpler version
based on a press release here.

I am sorry but I cannot tell you which web sites are more reliable.

Thanks for your question.


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