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Re: Will storing Denatured Alcohol in a plastic container change its properties

Date: Sat Dec 13 13:09:21 2008
Posted By: Raghuvaran Ganesan, Grad student, Electrochemistry, Central Electro Chemical Research Institute
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1228666990.Ch

Plastics are generally inert to its environment. It can hold a corrosive 
acid pretty well than a metallic container. Its very often we come across 
HCl cans and Methanol cans made of plastic. I don't think, denatured 
alcohol would affect the plastic container that you tend to use...

I really wonder if you bother about the purity of denatured alcohol that 
you use for fabric cleaning. Still, I can ensure that the methanol we use 
for DMFC, comes in plastic containers!!!!

I can also ensure that holding up denatured alcohol in a metallic 
container is worse than keeping it in a plastic container!

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