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Re: why is water a liquid?

Date: Mon Dec 15 11:51:14 2008
Posted By: Michael Lawliss, Faculty, Science Dept , Clinton Community College
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1228701958.Ch

Water is a liquid ( at room temperature ) because of hydrogen bonding.

remember - gas - the particles (molecules or atoms) that make it up are 
moving very fast, are far apart from each other and thus the forces of 
attraction between them are very weak.
         - liquid - the particles (molecules or atoms)that make up a 
liquid moving slower, are much closer than a gas sample's and the 
attractive forces have the chance to hold them close.

Water as a liquid has particles that are close. and water has a special 
kind of attractive force the hydrogen bonds, these form between water 
mollecules. the hydrogens from one water are atracted to the oxygen on 
another water molecule. This force is fairly strong making water a liquid 
at lower temperatures than similar molecules. Specifically the hydrogens 
are atracted to the two pairs of unshared electrons on the Oxygen atoms in 
the other water.

Water is not flammable. A mixture of Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas would be 
flammable. When the Hydrogen burns it reacts with the Oxygen forming H2O ( 
water )the hydrogen and the oxygen want to form a bond and when they burn 
that bond is formed.  Water is the result of Hydrogen and Oxygen reacting.
So when you have water the bond is already formed.  

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