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Re: Which form of Ca(OH)2 will absorb CO2 faster?

Date: Fri Jan 2 14:35:33 2009
Posted By: Jonathon Speed, Undergraduate, Chemistry, Southampton University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1226702684.Ch

That's not a terribly easy question to answer, and I feel it may be best 
to actually try and determine that experimentally. In theory the solution 
phase would be more efficient, as you will also dissolve some of the CO2 
to form carbonic acid, but in practice the low concentration may not be as 
Also, if you bubble the CO2 through a solution you are guaranteeing that 
the CO2 will have to travel through your reagent, whereas with a powder it 
may not come into contact.
Therefore I would suggest using a solution.

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