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Re: are any of the ciliates pathogens?

Date: Fri Jan 9 03:52:56 2009
Posted By: Devendra Dusane, Research Scholar (BARC-UoP Research Programme)
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1231338787.Cb

The only ciliates pathogenic to humans are Balantidium coli.

They inhabit the human intestine and are the causative agent of diarrhea. Ciliates are basically protozoans with rigid moving bodies and numerous hairy structures called cilia. These cilia are small to be observed to the naked eye. Ciliates are commensals or pathogens in animals too. They are usually found in rumen of cattle and help in digestion of food. They are also found in the gut of termites, cockroaches, etc.



Devendra Dusane
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University of Pune
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