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Re: creating heat within air

Date: Wed Jan 21 13:07:24 2009
Posted By: Ara Kooser, Physical Chemistry (MS) former Sandia National Labs, YouthBuild Science Instructor
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1231946236.Ch

A lot of this depends on your shooting conditions (indoors vs outdoors). As
far as coatings go two things come to mind.

1) A flammable gel such as the kind that is used in fondue pots. It's
basically ethanol in a gel. I think you could probably make it up your self
but it's easier to buy.

2) Some underarm deodorants are gel-like and will burn as well. 

In both cases the flames will be a pale blue. These two methods would be
the safest. As with anything involving fire you need to look into your
local laws and safety regulations. As well as taking appropriate
precautions: fire extinguishers, first aid kit, goggles, gloves, etc...

I think you will have lots of problems keeping the arrows lit as they fly
through the air. Typical in movies that use real fire the arrowheads are
wrapped in a flammable tar like substance or sometimes cloth. Also you have
the added mass of something on the arrow, keep that in mind too. 

The utmost safest and most legal thing to do is use CG.



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