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Subject: ? Acid or the Salt that carry the electrical charge for Potato Battery

Date: Mon Jan 12 12:33:56 2009
Posted by BrieAnna
Grade level: 4-6 School: St. Mary's Catholic Independant School
City: Cranbrook State/Province: B.C. Country: Canada
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1231788836.Ch

Help!  I'm getting confused about this part.  Many of my references say the 
potato contains phoshoric acid which causes the chemical rections to occur at 
each of the electrodes. The copper electrode electrons and acid form hydrogen 
gas,then the phoshoric acid desolve the Zinc giving positive IONs from the 
electons that stay on the electrode.  These Zn++ migrate in the electrolytic 
solution Acid Juices in the potato then if the Zinc and copper electrodes are 
connected a electric current flows.  But, I read your achived message ID# 
943757681.Ch and ID#916286185.PH, these say it's not the Acid in the potato, 
and state the Salts in the potato are the source of the ions, (Sodium +, and 
Chlorine -).  In those references the Na+ and Cl- are what charge the 
electrodes and the elctrons are the carriers for the electricity.  Can you 
please help me reconcile this information?

Re: ? Acid or the Salt that carry the electrical charge for Potato Battery

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