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Re: Effect of Milk or Dairy on digestion rate?

Date: Thu Feb 5 07:18:32 2009
Posted By: Elizabeth Kunkel, Faculty, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1227473709.An

The rate of digestion is at least partially dependent on the rate of 
gastric emptying.  I could not find specific rate information.  The 
concentration of the stomach contents (either overly concentrated or 
overly dilute) will slow gastric emptying.  Other factors that slow 
gastric emptying are fat, salts, monosaccharides, fiber, free amino 
acids, and acids.  The stomach will empty in 2-6 hours after eating.

Alcohol is partially absorbed in the stomach (unlike most compounds, 
which are absorbed in the intestines).  The presence of any other foods 
in the stomach serves to dilute the alcohol and slow its absorption.

Reference:  Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism, 4th ed., by SS. 
Gropper, J.L. SMith and J. L. Groff    

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