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Re: What do I add to my SLES handwash formulation to rinse it off from the skin

Date: Thu Feb 5 17:21:31 2009
Posted By: Ara Kooser, Grad Student
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1233064769.Ch

I would need more information about what exactly is in your soap. There are
a lot of variables (err chemicals) that might be contributing to your issue. 

The first thing to do would be eliminate water quality as a problem. Try
using your soap in tap water, DI water, and maybe some bottled water. Keep
a notebook with each result including amount of time it takes for the
bubbles to go away. If you want to really crazy, test out your soap with
different waters of know hardness. The more information the better. Use DI
water as your baseline.

So a to do list for you:
1) List out all chemicals used and amounts 
2) Identify which one(s) are the foaming agent
3) Test out different types of water

Once you do this I'll be better able to help out.

Ara Kooser

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