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Subject: How does these precipitating agents works?

Date: Sat Feb 28 13:49:10 2009
Posted by Bexcy
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Area of science: Biochemistry
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I did an experiemnt which explore different methods for precipitating protein
from aqueous solution but I haven't found any info on how they make the protein
agents tht i used:
5 ml of 95% ethanol. 
5 ml of 25% ammonium sulphate solution
solid ammonium sulphate
5 ml of 5% trichloracetic acid	
5 ml of 10% perchloric acid     
5 ml of 2.5% perchloric acid
5 ml 10% w/v sodium tungstate in 0.2M H2SO4.
5 ml of Uranyl acetate solution.
0.3 ml of 0.15M barium hydroxide with 0.3 ml of 5% zinc sulphate.
protein used in this experiment: serum albumin 
i hope you would be able to help me and if there is any books/websites tht would
provide this info plz let me know.

Re: How does these precipitating agents works?

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