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Subject: Scientific Genetic Manipulation for the purpose of creating a superior human

Date: Thu Mar 5 05:03:22 2009
Posted by Gary
Grade level: nonaligned School: Tax Payer
City: Bloomington State/Province: IN Country: USA
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1236254602.Ge

Please read p.s. below v

Ok first please donít get me wrong I do not mean Racial Genetic Superiority .
Ok My question is does it mean that if some one that is almost of the same 
physical health only
Getís sick say once during the winter  and what seems like every one he or she 
knows getís sick 
Three to four times in the same winter does that mean that he or she may be 
Genetically  Superior?
If the knowledge that My good friend and I have gained from life is right or 
If I think of this in 
A commences minded way it seems to me that if your immune system is stronger 
then that of others  
That it is only do to the fact that you genetics in that specific area  of the 
genetic code is stronger or superior
Then that of others. 

Is their any scientific proof or has their been any studies that have even 
given the thought of a genetically superior human being that can possibly be 
born under natural settings that has not been tampered with genetically. 

Ok this is a crazy one does it put fear in the harts and minds of those that 
have put a band on the scientific studies into genetic tampering for the 
purpose of cloning a superior human being.    
This is an on going conversation between two friends that are full of hot are 

Thank you so much 

If you do not have the time to answer  questions 2-3 or they are not 
appropriate questions for this site you are not obligated to do so.

Your time knowledge And or opinions are greatly appreciated Thank You 

Re: Scientific Genetic Manipulation for the purpose of creating a superior human

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