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Subject: Questions about Trypsin

Date: Tue Mar 24 01:22:47 2009
Posted by Lara
Grade level: 10-12 School: No school entered.
City: Brisbane State/Province: QLD Country: Aus
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1237882967.Bc

What exactly is the reaction between trypsin and casein? 
I am doind a chemistry assignment on the working of the reaction between 
trypsin and casein, and the effect of the inhibitors of soybean and copper 
sulphate on this reaction. However, it is difficult to explain it very well 
without knowing more about it, in the bare outline, all i pretty much know is 
that trypsin attacks the peptide bonds in casein to break down the protein and 
thus make the milk translucent. Is there anything that you can add? and how 
this is affected by an inhibitor such as soybeans or copper sulphate? any 
input at a year 12 or higher grade is appreciated. 

Also, how many moles of trypsin does 5ml of a 1% solution contain?
i only know how to find out the amount of moles in a solution by n = m/mm, but 
i have no idea what the molecular mass of trypsin is, and all of the sites i 
have researched have conflicting values. How do you work it out? i need to 
know how many moles there are to calculate my rates of reaction and stuff. 
thank you very much.

Re: Questions about Trypsin

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