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Subject: Any new information on eardrum fluttering

Date: Thu Apr 23 07:44:50 2009
Posted by Toni
Grade level: undergrad School: Macomb Community
City: Clinton Twp. State/Province: MI Country: USA
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1240497890.An

In '03, a person's question was answered about being able to flutter one's eardrums.

I've been curious about this all my life. I've been able to make a fluttering/vibrating sound inside of my ears, at will, since I was little. Maybe I discovered it out of boredom. I can't remember. But I'm able to make up rhythms and beats, but no one can hear it but me (I've made people stick their ear against mine). :o) I have no hearing problems. In fact, after an injury at work (a patient headbutted me), I had to go get xrays and testing. The doctor said my hearing was above average. His words, "you should be able to hear a cat pissing on the roof"! I do hear things far away, and it is distracting. Being used to the fluttering, I was able to tell that my left ear was 'different' after a severe ear infection. I still have the super hearing, but one of the sounds changed. I'm fascinated with sound and hearing. I love music and film audio. I don't prefer high-pitched singing. I tend to like very low frequencies (Nine inch nails, industrial-metal, crunchy low guitar music, cellos, timpani) and experience something similar to synesthesia when I hear music. I believe the answer (to the other person) that it's not the eardrums fluttering. It feels like it's nearby or deeper in. I wish there were tiny microphones to pick up what I'm doing. Well that's it. Thank you.

Re: Any new information on eardrum fluttering

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