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Re: heating samples of dissolved iodised salt at different temperatures

Date: Thu May 7 16:27:28 2009
Posted By: Luis Sojo, Faculty, Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1240745916.Ch

Dear Zulaika,

In order to detect significant losses of iodine from solutions of iodised salt at different temperature you would have to go above 350oC.

Indian researchers (A. Bhatnagar , N. S. Maharda , V. K. Ambardar , D. N. Dham, M. Magdum and R. Sankar. (1997) Iodine loss from iodised salt on heating. Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 64(6): 883-885.) found out the following:
"... data regarding iodine loss due to high temperatures of cooking procedure is scarce. Using iodometric titration methods, we calculated iodine content of iodised salt samples subjected to incremental heat up to 350 degree Celsius. The results of the study indicate a gradual but minimal loss of iodine content from the iodised salt samples when subjected to high temperature with a maximum loss noticed being 18.5% at 350 degree Celsius. We conclude that there is minimal loss of iodine from the salt fortified with potassium iodate when subjected to heating..."

Hope this helps.


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