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Subject: What caused all those huge craters around Escobedo?

Date: Sat Mar 28 16:43:25 2009
Posted by Brian
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Area of science: Earth Sciences
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I was roaming around on Google Earth, trying to find the location of the old 
XERA radio transmitters (the station that used to advertise the live baby 
chicks and autographed pictures of Jesus) when I ran across a town called 
Escobedo, Coahuila, Mexico, that appears to be perched on the edge of a pretty 
good sized crater; there are a number of smaller craters, mainly to the 
northwest and southeast, running all the way to the US border.  I can't find 
any references to any volcanoes or meteor strikes in that area on the internet 
(I know Mexico City is geologically active).  Would you by chance know what 
caused these particular formations?  It's at 29.15.00N by 102.10.50W.  Thanks 
in advance for your time!

Re: What caused all those huge craters around Escobedo?

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