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Re: what is the hazerdous effect of mobile tower just above hospital

Date: Thu Jun 18 00:05:34 2009
Posted By: Dr. Nagesh N Bhat, Scientific Officer
Area of science: Biophysics
ID: 1244051073.Bp

Installation of such towers are now-a-days governed by many regulations. 
It is also necessary to ensure field levels around the towers to ensure 
no health hazard to the people living around. Concern expressed in this 
question is obviously about the sensitive population in the hospital such 
as new-borns and sick people. This question has to be addressed by the 
regulatory authorities.

Regulations and restrictions on microwave field levels are based on 
thermal effects. Nevertheless, some recent studies express serious 
concern over other possibilities such as anxiety possible DNA damage in 
cells. Many scientists have demonstrated possibility of serious 
biological effects by high-power microwave field. Concerns may be genuine 
particularly over the long term effects such as cancer. However, these 
concerns attract no evidence as of now.

With so many lacuna over information, it is best to play safe than sorry 
later. Many NGOs have expressed their concern about mashrooming of these 
towers on many historical sites, schools and hospitals. I personally 
feel, instead of waiting for the authorities to take decission, it would 
be best to avoid granting permission by the owners or trusts holding such 
sensitive properties. 

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