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Re: Chemical reaction - Forward and Backward

Date: Wed Sep 30 07:55:34 2009
Posted By: Raghuvaran Ganesan, Grad student, Electrochemistry, Central Electro Chemical Research Institute
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1251175570.Ch

I suspect that this would be very difficult. As you may know, the Free 
energy (del G) involved in formation of MgO will be much more negative 
than that for the reduction reaction(Since it burns even at room 
temperature - which is a clear picture of the stability that Mg sorts to, 
while getting ignited). So, this means that MgO is thermodynamically much 
stable than Mg and even H2O. Hence, we whould definitely be sticking on 
to a catalyst. But, I suspect the efficacy of a catalyst to jump over 
such high energy barrier. It will not be easy even with a catalyst. High 
temperature might post other problems like explosions and excitations.

However, I do not like to close the door that it cannot be done, as I 
personally do not trust in irreversible reactions.

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