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Re: Plants suffer? Vegan = less/more plants suffer? How do plants respond?

Date: Mon Oct 12 04:09:47 2009
Posted By: Dale Softley, Staff, Agronomy, S-Arrow, Inc.
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1255274563.Bt

There is no credible evidence that plants have any pain notification system. I have seen several attempts to demonstrate the presence of a nerve system capable of expressing pain, and it just is not there. I believe pain is part of the normal operation of life.

Some plants demonstrate the ability to respond to touch, or the presence of insects, so that would indicate a very primitive communication system. If you are a young person looking for profession, consider Botany or Agronomy and work to prove or disprove the presence of a nerve system in plants We always need scientists.

[Moderator's Note: We have several answers in our archives that discuss issues of inter- and intra-plant communication and responses to the environment via hormones, pheromones, and various trophisms. For example, take a look at these answers 1007583241.Bt, 921961330.Bt, 954645304.Bt, 986445627.Bt, 1166234582.Bt, 949413731.Bt, 887211984.Ag, 917363026.Bt, and 1010453257.Bt. -- SM]

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