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Subject: Insulating properties of bubble wrap and aluminium foil

Date: Fri Oct 16 13:08:47 2009
Posted by David
Grade level: nonaligned School: n/a
City: Chapel en le Frith State/Province: Derbyshire Country: UK
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1255723727.Ph


I have a question about insulation and bubble foil:
When combining Aluminium foil and bubble wrap does it matter what order these 
materials are in?

For example would a sheet of insulation with two sheets of bubble wrap in 
between two sheets of alu foil have the same insulating characteristics as one 
sheet of bubble wrap between two sheets of alu foil with the second sheet of 
bubble wrap next to the inside sheet of foil?

So what we have is four layers (foil-bubble-bubble-foil) on the one sheet and 
four layers (foil-bubble-foil-bubble) on the second sheet. 

Same or different?

I need to send  some food through the post packaged with an ice pack and want 
it to stay chilled for at least 48 hours. 

Thanks and hope you can help.



Re: Insulating properties of bubble wrap and aluminium foil

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