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Re: I have inverted nipplses should i worry about breast cancer im a man

Date: Thu Nov 12 09:00:25 2009
Posted By: Eli Hestermann, Associate Professor
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1257919754.Me

Your inverted nipples are almost certainly not a symptom of breast cancer. Worry over this appears to have begun with a line in the Wikipedia article on inverted nipples that misleadingly stated (based on another on-line source) that inverted nipples are a sign of breast cancer. Both the Wikipedia article and the other source have since been changed to remove the misleading information. The National Cancer Institute has a FAQ that points out that a sudden change in nipples (e.g. from everted to inverted) can be a sign of breast cancer (or several other, less concerning conditions), but nipples that have always been inverted are not a sign.

While breast cancer can happen in men, it is extremely rare, with a lifetime risk of 0.1% (compared with 12% in women). More information about breast cancer in men is available from the American Cancer Society.

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