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Subject: (Help) Methode for analysing Trichloroethylene

Date: Sat Dec 5 13:42:30 2009
Posted by Charlie LeThon
Grade level: nonaligned School: College
City: Montréal State/Province: PQ Country: Canada
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1260045750.Ch

I'm a studend trying to analysed TCE (Trichloroethylene), and I need this info 
to start my work... but I looked in several web pages and did not find 
anything concerning the standard method for Trichloroethylene(even on Hach web 
site). I'm using a Hach DR 2500 spectrometer. 
nothing found at Hach concerning this parameter:
Can you help me,....please I need to find a way to analysed TCE even if not 
using the Hach method ? This TCE contaminated a underground water supply few 
year ago and I want to validate if TCE is still present (maximum: 50 ppm)

Thanks Charlie 

Re: (Help) Methode for analysing Trichloroethylene

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