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Re: Any verified records of Bioluminescence in Spiders?

Date: Mon Dec 14 09:25:49 2009
Posted By: David Richman, Staff, Entomology
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1257738644.Zo

As far as I know there are almost no authenticated instances of
bioluminescence in spiders, with the possible exception of the report by
Brown (1925, 1926), mentioned in Sivinski (1998) that he had observed a
bioluminescent spider in Burma. Perhaps the spider in the photo glows
because it is infected with some bioluminescent microorganisms.  The
general glow is unusual, as most terrestrial arthropods have discrete light
organs.  I can only say that it is possible, based on Brown's reports, but
 have never observed it in any spiders at night.

Brown, B. 1925-26. A luminous spider.  Science 62: 329, & 63:383.

Sivinski, J. M. 1998. Phototropism, bioluminescence, and the Diptera.
Florida Entomologist, p. 282- See:

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