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Re: Whatever be the reactant, is the reaction possible?

Date: Mon Jan 25 11:57:49 2010
Posted By: Luis Sojo, Faculty, Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1260789355.Ch

This is a general assumption and a valid one.   Increasing the temperature 
of the reactants will increase the possibilty of the reaction taking 
place.  But there are other factors. Thermodynamics provide an "end point" 
but it does noe mean that that "end point" will take palce in reasonable 
time or that it will take place at all.  Increasing the temperature will 
certainly increase the entropy of the system and such an increase may be 
enough to decrease the Free energy, but any issue to consider is the 
possibility of decomposition of the reactant with increase in temperature 
and other side reactions. This is why increasing the temperature may not 
be the appropriate way of opushing a reaction to the "right".  One time-
honoured was is the use of catalysts.

This particular reaction leads to the dissolution of I2 into water 
resulting in idodide anions.  HI is a strong electrolyte which 
will "prefer" to be in its dissociated form, unless one is looking at the 
reaction in the gas phase, and under pressure where the possibility of HI 
as a gas is a real one.

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