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Subject: Is Dark Energy Internal or External to our Universe?

Date: Thu Dec 31 23:00:32 2009
Posted by Simon
Grade level: undergrad School: City University of Hong Kong
City: Kowloon State/Province: No state entered. Country: Hong Kong
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1262325632.As

Is the following theoretically possible? Can it be supported by mathematics?

Considering the expansion of our universe accelerates faster towards the outer limits, it seems an 
illogical inference that this force comes from a dark energy within our universe. 

It may be more logically and intuitively inferred that the source of its force is external to our universe. 
This allows for the forces exerted by dark energy to work similarly to the forces of gravity. The closer you 
are to the source of force (matter or dark energy particles), the higher the force. The larger the mass of 
the source, the greater force it will have at a distance. 

The big bang from a singularity could alternatively have been a big pull on a singularity, begun with the 
large potential energy of a vast, relatively uniform, consumable space of low or negative mass matter. 

Following expansion and inflation, our universe has begun consuming this space. Dark Energy 
distribution and its inherent forces have become less uniform in the presence of the expanded material 
universe. Dark energy is in high densities beyond the universe, and in lesser density pockets between but 
still external to the expanded universe.It can pull in all directions, more forcefully where highly dense 
towards the limits of the universe. 

This would appear to allow for all laws of the known universe, including the existence of all standard 
forces (strong, weak, electro-magnetic, gravity), dark matter within our universe, but with an additional 
allowance for a weight on the universe that allows it to expand un-uniformly over large distance.

Please prove this wrong or otherwise.

Thank you kindly

Re: Is Dark Energy Internal or External to our Universe?

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