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Subject: Is it possible to create Resonance with DC impulses ?

Date: Wed Feb 3 22:32:46 2010
Posted by Sharon
Grade level: 10-12 School: Benjamin Franklin High School
City: New Orleans State/Province: Louisiana Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1265261566.Ph

It is said that Nikola Tesla used impulses instead of alternations in some of 
his circuits and achieved resonance. My question is, if I can create a 
resonance effect on my RLC circuit, when I apply pulsed dc (rectified AC or 
square wave for example) with a function generator ? Why ?
Tesla believed that dc pulses were much better than ac (alternations)!

Is it also possible to create such impulses by recharging a bank of capacitors 
as Nikola Tesla did ? Why ?

I plan to use a function generator, would rectified ac be better than square 
waves in my RLC circuit, why ? I was not able to find a resonance equation for 
dc impulses, could you help me please.

Many thanks,

Re: Is it possible to create Resonance with DC impulses ?

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