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Subject: Natural release of CO2 from fosil fuels

Date: Sun Jan 24 08:44:31 2010
Posted by Roger
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City: Syracuse State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
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Dear MadScientist,
Since we have global warming, carbon capture by formation of carbonate rocks,
dissolution into the ocean (raising the pH of ocean which is destroying ocean
life),  formation of shells, and burial must not  hold all that much CO2 or
capture CO2 too slowly. If all release of CO2 from fossil fuel was stopped
today, 100 years from now, 99% of the CO2 released from fossil fuel would still
be in the atmosphere and oceans and 1% would be in newly formed carbonate rocks,
newly formed animal shells, and buried. Do you agree? If not, what percentages
would you use? Carbon cycles in terms of 100 years doesn't really include
release of CO2 from fossil fuels (or maybe not at all) does it? Isn't it true
that without machines, CO2 is never released from fossil fuels.



Re: Natural release of CO2 from fosil fuels

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