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Re: The Visual Cortex and Dreams

Date: Sun Feb 28 08:11:35 2010
Posted By: Mitchell Maltenfort, Staff, Neurosurgery, Thomas Jefferson University
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1267073972.Ns

The general answer is, yes; blind people dream. People who have been blind since birth dream.

What's not clear is whether a change in an individual's visual cortex will result in a change in their dreams.

I tried a basic literature search, but the results weren't quite appropriate to that question. But you might want to look through the list at the link below if you're interested in dreams in general: term=%22visual%20cortex%22%5BAll%20Fields%5D%20AND%20%28%22dreams%22%5BMeSH%20Terms% 5D%20OR%20%22dreams%22% 5BAll%20Fields%5D%20OR%20%22dream%22%5BAll%20Fields%5D% 29&cmd=DetailsSearch

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