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Subject: How neurons know how to fly a fighter jet?

Date: Thu Mar 4 15:34:50 2010
Posted by Tiago
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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I've heard about things like mice neurons growing on a chip capable of keeping a
simulated fighter jet flying, or a mice's brain wired to a robot learning how to
make the robot avoid walls and other collisions. But why didn't they neurons
grew in a way that would keep crashing the plane over and over, or why the
brains didn't keep the robots hugging walls or spinning in place be it close to
a wall or not?

Was there some sort of human intervention in order to produce a result that
makes the mice brain tissues appear smarter than expected? Like, did they train
the neurons or otherwise hardwire the reward system to produce the desired results?

Re: How neurons know how to fly a fighter jet?

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