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Subject: What would be signs that the Internet has become 'selfaware'?

Date: Mon Mar 8 14:55:48 2010
Posted by Tiago
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Assuming it would go the path of realizing that it would have better chances of
surviving and self-improving if humans didn't realized it had "awaken" and that
it should stealthily act as a symbiont to humankind, at least until that ceases
to be of it's interest, what could potentially be some signs that had in fact
started to happen? Or under that scenario, it would be expected there would
really be no signs at all (perhaps only until it is too late)?

I've heard things like saying that currently the Internet is the biggest machine
ever created, and how the amount of interconnections and it's total processing
power might at some point be more than the intellects of all living humans
combined. It seems likely that the Internet itself, or some runaway AI (viral?)
taking over the Internet will become the first post-singularity level
intelligence that humankind will face (or the very least coexist without knowing)

Re: What would be signs that the Internet has become 'selfaware'?

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