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Subject: Internal reflection at a glass/metal interface?

Date: Sat Mar 13 17:27:25 2010
Posted by james
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Area of science: Physics
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Metals have an index of refraction but interact differently than most materials
due to the imaginary part.  Metals also tend to be highly reflective.  My
question is if a layer of aluminum (n=1.2) is deposited on glass (n=1.5) and
light is incident from inside the glass at different angles, is the light
reflected by the metal surface at angles below the critical angle and is the
light reflected by internal reflection above the critical angle?  If so, for
angles below there should be a few percent loss from reflection and at angles
above it should be a perfect reflection.  Is this correct?  Could you provide
references for further study?  Thank you!

Re: Internal reflection at a glass/metal interface?

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