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Re: Will a Faraday cage stop EM when placed in a microwave oven?

Date: Wed Jun 9 21:22:55 2010
Posted By: Yaxun Liu,
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1274333677.Ph

One explanation is that magnetic field generated by the microwave oven penetrates the faraday 
cage and interferes with the operation of the DC motor. The magnetic field is not strong enough to 
damage the fan but is strong enough to affect its motion. Since the magnetic field is of high 
frequency which reverses its direction 2.45x10^9 times in one second, the DC motor cannot 
response to it fast enough to make a motion. (The static magnetic field of the DC motor itself can 
be ignored if it is much smaller than the strength of the magnetic field due to the microwave oven.)

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