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Subject: About Atom model ( to Samuel Silverstein Lecturer in physics)

Date: Mon Jun 14 04:29:35 2010
Posted by Ramil
Grade level: grad (science) School: Master, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
City: Baku State/Province: Baku Country: Azerbaijan
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1276514975.Ph

Hi Ms. Silverstein I send you my hypotheses against. See the picture here:

1. The Neutron has a magnetic field around itself’.
2. Under the action of magnetic field of the neutron proton and electron moves the opposite sides around neutron.
3. The Magnetic field this when proton and electron greatly close to one another in the centre field ( there is pole magnetic field), where distance between them min so no direction and no sign of charge, there is neutron
4. The Electric field this when proton and electron greatly far.

The Disintegration of the neutron on proton, electron and neutrino there is unwinding of the magnetic field to electric parallel since this occurs inverse. Neutrino not base part of neutron this portion of energy when leaves the neutron to occur unwinding magnetic field (the disintegration of the neutron) which we observe it’s as moving the electron and proton. So motion electron and proton this not endless free motion along orbit this way by limited distance and time (1000 seconds) committed by electron and proton at unwinding magnetic field. I gratefull for your answer

Re: About Atom model ( to Samuel Silverstein Lecturer in physics)

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